Enterprise Introduction

Hangzhou Wanli Synthetic Organic Chemical Factory , under Zhejiang Hangbao Group Co., Ltd., is an industry chemicals producer, its main products being ochl oroacetic acio, diethyl malonate ester and AES. The factory possesses advanced production equipment, strong technical power and adopts scientific management to ensure the products' high quality, stable performance. Operating under the philosophy of "Making Wonderful Products& Providing Quality Service", the factory continuously improves its production technology and equipment. Out commitment to quality has given us a loyal customer base for the past ten years.

Products Guide

The ochl oroacetic acio is an acicuar-structure crystal and an important chemical for organic synthesis, widely used in chemical, food and pharmaceutical industries; the product is also a main chemical for insecticide and weedicide.

The diethl malonate ester is mainly used in organic synthesis, and it is an intermediate for dyestuff spices, and a chemical for medicines. The product can be made, through synthesis, into such medicines as chloroquine, phenylbutazonum, barbital sodium, etc.

AES is a main chemical for detergent, shampoo and dyeing auxiliary.


                                Ochl oroacetic acio                              AES                                 Diethyl Malonate  


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