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Enterprise Introduction

Hangzhou terrazzo factory and Hangzhou granite plates factory, under Zhejiang Hangbao Group Co., Ltd., are the largest stone plate manufacturing and processing enterprises of Zhejiang Province. Being colorful, elegant and durable, their products "Hangbao" brand terrazzo and granite plates, with low price and fine quality, have become ideal decorating materials for buildings, halls, houses, rooms and apartments.

Apart from their major products 400mm400mm20mm floor plates, the factories also produce stairs plates, lavatory's separating plates and windowsill's plates. The factory undertake the further processing of domestic and imported granite, from which their products are floor plates, wall plates and fired plates; the factories also undertake processing with special technical requirements according to customers' orders, such as edge drinding, chamfering and hole drilling; and the factories provide on-the-spot installation service as required by the customers.

Products Guide

I.Terrazzo Products: (yuan/m2)

catalog Specification(mm) Price for your reference
Colorful Terrazzo 400*400*20 38
Natural Terrazzo 400*400*20 35
Brighter Terrazzo 400*400*20 47
Colorful stairs plates According to requirement 58
Natural stairs plates According to requirement 55
lavatory's separating plates 35 in thickness 78


ADD: 173 Airport Road, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China
P. C.: 310017
TEL: (86)-571-86409312
FAX: (86)-571-86409312
Email:[email protected]