Enterprise Introduction

Zhejiang Hangbao Metal Material Co., Ltd.is an enterprise managing and processing metal material come from high-enterprises of iron in China.

The main products include medium plate series, round bar product series, the wire rod series, "I shaped" section steel, re-bar and so on. The products are sold well in all of Zhejiang Province and Shanghai city, Jiangshu, Jiangxi, Fujian Province etc. It is praised by all customers because of its high quality and low price.

Our enterprise will supply the market with production and service of high quality at all time.

Products Guide

Medium Plate Series:
Characters: The plates have surface and flatness; stable mechanic behavior and excellent weld ability.
The main products include: hot rolling carbon common plate, low alloy hot rolling plate, ship-building plate, pressure vessel plate, structure plate for bridge beam, and boiler carbon plate, etc.

Round Bar Product Series:
Characters: It has good surface, precise dimensions, stable chemical performance, and excellent mechanical performance. It is mainly used in constructing, standard component and constructional component.
The main specification include: hot rolled carbon steel round rod ∑’12-40mm, hot rolled medium carbon steel round rod∑’12-40mm and hot rolled rod∑’12-40mm used for standard component.

The Wire Rod Series:
Characters: It has stable pullout mechanical property.
The main products includes: high quality hot rolled carbon wire rod coils, hot rolled carbon structure steel wire rod, high-quality carbon steel wire rod, hot rolled carbon welding steel wire rod.

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P. C.: 310017
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